How to root Samsung Galaxy A41 Android 11 | Patch AP file with Magisk & ...

Instructions in 7 steps how to root Samsung Galaxy A41 Android 11. Necessities: -Galaxy A41 -Windows pc/laptop -Compatible USB-C cable -Frija firmware downloader ( -Odin flashing tool ( -Magisk app ( -Root Checker app (additional) 1. Enable Developer options (OEM unlocking & USB debugging) 0:00-0:51 2. Unlock the bootloader on Samsung A41 (0:51-3:11) 3. Download Stock Firmware with Frija (3:11-9:29) 4. Download & install Magisk (9:29-11:59) 5. Download & execute Odin (11:59-13:02) 6. Reboot device into Downloading (13:02-19:25) 7. Complete Magisk setup (19:25-20:11) (Additional) Check root status (20:11-21:10) Subscribe (21:10-21:15)

How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy J5 | Model SM J530F

Unique quide how to install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy J5. Be aware that flashing ROM will erase all data from the device! Reboot to Downloading (0:00-0:026) Download TWRP J530F (0:26-1:03) Download & open Odin (1:03-2:33) Add TWRP J530F in AP (2:33-3:07) Connect device to laptop (3:07-3:25) Start flashing TWRP file (3:25-3:45) Disconnect device when passed (3:45-3:58) Boot into TWRP keys combination (3:58-5:04) Subscribe (5:04-5:11) Download link TWRP v.3.1.1 SM-j530F Download link latest version of Odin

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